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compare [Jun. 9th, 2009|10:13 pm]
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Facebook, the modern-day hotbed of nostalgia, brought back these two forgotten class pics. Compare.

From age seven to sixteen, I was the class thumbellina! Geez. Anyway, I haven't seen the first picture in 18 years and am just amused. Even at seven, I was already a giggly kid. Hee.


My best friend Mark and my highschool sis Jac are back in Manila! Last Saturday we already had the salubong dinner for Jac, and last night I just hung out inside Mark's room, just playing his PSP (which is now mine, woot!) and just listening to him go on and on about his Florida adventures. Really happy my two closest friends are here again! While Jac, Mark, Paz, and Shiela are videoke-ing their hearts out at this very moment, I'm stuck in front of the computer, meeting deadlines because the day after tomorrow I'm off to Cebu and Bohol with these people! Repeat of last year's out-of-town lakad, and I'm just giddy giddy.


The other weekend: Paz's birthday slash The Grand Videoke Tourney where I realized that Tootsie Guevara's "Kaba" is my token/winning videoke song (score of 100 points for two videoke nights and counting), and welcoming Mindanao-Hipon Yas to Manila.

Happy days, happy days.

Oh wait, talk about happy: buying "The Handmaid's Tale" for P85 and "Short Shorts: Anthology of the Shortest Stories" for P65. Robinsons Forum FTW!