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how to make love stay

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i am the queen of cheap thrills, and i obsess over fonts.

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a perfect circle, advertising, after-work dinners, air hockey, alamid, anais nin, anne frank, anne sexton, annie dillard, as told by ginger, basti artadi, booksale, bookstores, bowling, cartoons, clouds, clowning around, coke, consuming passion, conversations over coffee, cow and chicken, creative writing, darkness fell, daydreaming, dishwalla, disney channel, early mornings, earrings, eddie vedder, fannie flagg, female writers, feminism, french, friends, garfield, garfield the movie, garfieldstuff.com, guitar, gummi candies, haruki murakami, hawaiian pizza baguette, high heels, highschool life, hogging the telephone, jeanette winterson, jesus christ, jim davis, jimmy eat world, john grisham, jon arbuckle, journals, joyce carol oates, killer dialogues, korea, korean kids, lakambini sitoy, last full shows, late night conversations, lion king, literary quotes, long-haired men, love, man and boy, margaret atwood, mcdonald's, metallica, mocha frappucino, monasterio de sta. clara, mother mary, ninotchka rosca, oblation, our lady peace, pearl jam, philippine broadcast industry, philippine literature, pinoy showbiz, pizza, platforms, pretty notebooks, pretty pens, rain, raine maida, rock, semenelin, short stories, sky, sleeping late, solitude, spontaneous trips, starry night, stars, stellar, sunken garden, sunsets, sweetness, sylvia plath, teaching, that's so raven, the fairly odd parents, the police, the simpsons, the word beautiful, trainrides, tutoring, ukay-ukay, university of the philippines, videoke, white oleander, wishing, wolfgang, writing, ya fiction, yakisoba

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